Welcome to Access BIDCO

Access BIDCO, L.L.C. (a Business and Industrial Development Company) is a unique nondepository financial institution engaged in providing both financing and management assistance to a variety of Michigan businesses. As a BIDCO, Access is licensed and regulated by the Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation, an agency of the state of Michigan, which also regulates state-chartered banks and other financial institutions.

Access BIDCO’s financing transactions are customized to meet the special needs of its clients, structured as debt and/or equity. In addition to making direct investments in or loans to Michigan businesses, Access works with a number of banks and other lenders in structuring comprehensive financing arrangements which are unique and responsive to the particular needs and opportunities of businesses in today’s complex economic environment.

Access BIDCO’s leadership team is uniquely suited to provide a wide array of management assistance to Michigan businesses responsive to the challenges faced in a variety of settings. Access BIDCO focuses on risk profiles which are marginally beyond the typical risk tolerance level of commercial banks.

Contact Information

200 N. Washington Square
Lansing, MI 48933
Tel: 517-372-1297
Fax: 517-374-2520